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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy
In the event that I decide to cancel a tour for either unforeseen circumstances and I am unable to
attend, or if severe weather conditions (e.g. ice on the path meant to be taken) are deemed by myself to be a threat to your safety, or if you or anyone else on the tour are injured to the extent that the tour must be cancelled, you will be given the option to rebook the tour or receive a full refund.
If you decide to cancel a tour more than 24 hours in advance of the tour, a full refund will be provided if you decide not to book another tour. If you choose to cancel within 24 hours before the booked tour, you will be given the option to rebook another tour (free of charge if the same price, or with additional costs if more expensive) or to be refunded half of what you paid. If you choose to cancel less than 2 hours before the tour is meant to begin, you will be given the option to rebook a tour, but you will not be entitled to any refund. In order to re-book, please use my contact form and send me your preferred time and date of the tour you wish to re-book.

Additionally, if I deem that you are not suitably dressed for the tour (e.g. the paths are difficult and
slippery and you come in flip flops when I have specifically advised not to), the tour will be cancelled and you will have the option to rebook the tour, but a refund will not be provided if you decide not to. Also, if I have good reason to believe you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the tour will be cancelled without the option of a refund, but you will still have the option to rebook a tour. If you or any of your party behave aggressively towards me or anyone else on the tour, the tour will be cancelled and you will be given neither a refund nor the option to rebook. A refund will not be provided if I have done everything I can to ensure your safety and give you an enjoyable and informative experience, but you are nevertheless not satisfied by the tour.

Privacy policy
Payments are received through and I only receive your name, phone number, email
address and number / age of the participants, not your credit or debit card details (you would have to read Wix's privacy policy on how that information is stored). None of your details will be shared with any third party except for reasons of complying with relevant authorities (for instance, in the event that it is necessary to share your personal details with medical services or police in the event of serious incidents that could occur, such as accidents or criminal conduct or in cooperation with searching for missing persons).

Your personal details on filled out forms will always be held as long as I have a copy of your
booking form and choose not to delete them; however you may request that I delete them if for
whatever reason you are uncomfortable with them being kept on record. Additionally, your phone
number will be saved on my mobile phone for ease of contact in advance of the tour (especially in
the event of cancellation by you or I), but I will delete your phone number from my mobile phone
once I have returned home from the final tour you have booked with me. I will note down your
emergency contact details and relevant medical conditions at the beginning of the tour, these paper
notes will be disposed of by shredding or burning following the end of the tour.

If these terms and conditions seem reasonable and fair to you, I thank you for your patronage and
look forward to seeing you on one of my tours.

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