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Nice to meet you!

My name is Conor and I am the face behind the website. If you're curious about how I came to start up Lowland Heritage Tours and if you want to know more about me, then you can read my story below. 

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My Story

Pleased to meet you, my name is Conor. I have a had a lifelong interest in ancient history, particularly that of Scotland, so it felt natural for me to pursue a degree in archaeology. Yet upon achieving this, I decided not to pursue a PHD or a career in archaeology, as I felt too restricted by the academic environment. Throughout the several years spent not knowing how I could use my expertise, I was constantly exploring hillforts, which was a hobby I began while at university. Eventually, my partner suggested giving tours of hillforts, as I would often tell her about the historical context and layout of the forts when we visited them together. We started putting up hillfort tours on Youtube to share our passion with others. 


I wanted to give tours of hillforts because they are an ever-present feature of the landscape, but the Iron Age is a comparatively obscure time period, as little survives from then (iron doesn't survive as well as bronze) and it was at the dawn of written history in Europe, so very little is known about it compared to later periods. Even the Early Historic period following the departure of the Romans from Britain is known as a 'Dark Age', of which very little is known, but which some of the hillforts date from.


However, this time was crucial in the formation of Scotland as a nation that began as a patchwork of different ethnic groups and their kingdoms, so this is why I wish to tell locals and visitors the deeper story of the people in these lands. I prefer to focus on the Lowlands specifically because most folk live in the Lowlands, yet I feel tourism is more directed towards the Highlands, which are very scenic and have been more romanticized. This is my way of shining light on the lesser-known times and places in our history.


Archaeology and history are my main passions, but I am also deeply fascinated by culture and spirituality in general, particularly those of tribal societies. I am an aspiring author working on my first books (solo and co-authoring with a friend and former fellow student). I also enjoy spending time in Nature and practice yoga and meditation. 

I hope you can learn something on this website and deepen your understanding of our ancestors and how they lived and connect back to your roots to give a bit of grounding in these tumultuous times!


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