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About Lowland Heritage Tours

The Lowlands are where most Scots live, yet the Highlands feature more strongly in Scottish folk consciousness, resulting in the Lowlands being somewhat neglected from a culture-historic perspective. This is ironic because the Lowlands have been the center of the Scottish government and economy throughout history.


Lowland Heritage Tours focuses on exploring some of the deepest past of the Lowlands, reaching back to the dawn of written records concerning this part of the world. On these tours you will experience a journey back to the Iron Age, when the Picts, not the Scots, lived in this area. However, their descendants are still around, could you be one of them?


I have a unique perspective on this period of history and have had a specific interest in the Iron Age since high school. I have a degree in archaeology and have over a decade of experience visiting hillforts.


Come and spend some time in the outdoors, while I tell you tales of battles and folklore surrounding the hillforts. You will learn about the origins of the Picts, how they lived, how they maintained connections with faraway lands in the Iron Age and how they responded to the arrival of the Romans in their territory. Don your boots and jacket and venture with me to the deepest past, when times were tribal and folk were fierce!

this tour is for you ...

... If you're interested in local Scottish history or history and pre-history in general. Your guide is very knowledgeable, especially about the Iron Age and Early Middle Ages. Ask many questions!

... If you like being in nature and enjoy getting some exercise walking up a hill with a great view. Hillforts are usually in beautiful areas and the view is part of their functionality.

... If you want to explore your local identity and learn about the tribes that used to inhabit Scotland. Connect to your roots and open a window back into a past age.

... If you've done these walks before, but you want to have a novel experience.


Families Are Welcome!

However, since the tours are in-depth and the terrain is steep and potentially dangerous, the recommended age for children to participate is 8 years and older. The minimum age for children is 6 years old.


There are some steep edges around the hillforts, so please take care when approaching them and supervise children! Each child under 8 must be accompanied by one adult per child.

Safety First

Please wear sensible and firm footwear, such as walking boots or sneakers / running shoes. Wearing inappropriate footwear, such as flip flops, may lead to the tour being denied.

From 5°C onwards ticks can start to come out, so if possible please wear long garments, boots or shoes with no skin showing or spray-on protection. Wearing sandals, shorts or skirts increases your risk of being bitten. Please check yourself thoroughly after the tour!


The terrain can be very uneven, so take care! Your guide carries a first-aid-kit and is a certified first-aider, in case that something should happen.

The walks are long, so please bring some hydration and food if required!

If you bring your dog, please keep him on a lead!

In the case of extreme weather conditions, such as ice or torrential rain, the tour may be cancelled if it is deemed too unsafe and you will receive a refund.

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